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          Are you the owner of Sprinter 906 OM646 and you don‘t want to have problems? Call us and we will make agreement on control your engine and if you want we can after the agreement we can do adjustments and after compliance certain conditions your engine will make a million km.Unfortunately there is epidemic of damaged engines OM646 because using of thin oil (for exmaple 5W30) and intervals of changing oil every 20.000km or more. Oil in engine is diluted because engine gets too large dose of fuel from control unit (steering module) between process of celaning DPF filter. Between this proecces DPF isn’t able to burn diesel and fuel is getting into exhaust systém but a large portion of unnecessary fuel remains on cylinder walls and on walls of the oil tub – ITS DANGEROUS, becouse that fuel diluting oil and oils protection properties are weakened. In this case there metal rubbing on metal and vitality of engine is going down.In engine OM646 were given oil pumps with old technologies and performance of pump is low and doesn’t give right pressure in oil systém and in this case 99% of  defects were due seized pistons, seized on the engine handle and spined bearings.
Epidemic of damaged engines OM646 Mercedes-Benz
We adjsut engines due his pumps defects. We use better oils (10W40 - SHELL) and engines which we offer have mounted new oil pumps with more offective ointment of engine and more offective chilling of oil.